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Di Holding

Di Holding has a passion for producing quality extension information and began her own communication business, AnDi Communications, in July 2005.

AnDi Communications has a focus on improving the quality of communication in agricultural research and development. In addition to her experience in extension and education, she has training and experience in both group facilitation and desktop publishing.

Prior to the establishment of AnDi Communications, Di was actively involved for 20 years in collaborative research and development programs across Australia.

From 1987 until 2003, Di was involved in both research and extension programs conducted within NSW Department of Primary Industries. She developed a successful extension program in the pulse crop industry (1995-2003), communicating key research findings from Australia to agribusiness and farmers across central and southern NSW and north-east Victoria. The program was based on a very successful series of high quality, single issue, technical fact sheets known as ‘Pulse Points’. They were, and still are, used as field day handouts, training workshop resources, and print, email and web based information resources across Australia.

In 1999 Di won the inaugural Grains Research and Development Corporation southern region Seed of Light, presented annually to someone who makes a significant contribution to communicating research outcomes.

In 2004 and 2005 Di was a member of the highly successful and nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector team within the Cooperative Research Centre for Australian Weed Management (Weeds CRC’s) Education Program. Together with Annabel Bowcher they developed a range of training resources targeted at the VET sector. These resources were also accessed and used by a wide and diverse range of weed managers (for example Land Care groups, farmers, agribusiness, Catchment Management Authorities, Local Governments, universities and schools). There are more than 60 WeedED resources, including a series of Fact Sheets, Guidelines, and a book Technical Series #9 Weeds in winter pulses: integrated solutions.

Annabel Bowcher

Dr. Annabel Bowcher has over 15 years experience in working collaboratively with national teams in research, communications and education. She is committed to producing informative and relevant resources that ‘don’t stay on the shelf’ but are valued and used by their target audience.

It was during her time as a PhD student that Annabel developed a keen interest in improving the written quality of agricultural extension resources.

Annabel has a passion for determining how technical or complicated information can be presented so that it is easily understood by the target audiences. The ability to identify opportunities for effectively communicating important research outcomes has been paramount to Annabel’s success in her chosen field of education and communication.

In 1993, her career in extension began with the coordination of a number of ‘Topcrop’ farmer groups (a Grains Research and Development Corporation funded program) in central New South Wales. Following this, Annabel became involved in pasture and weed research in southern NSW. She then undertook a PhD research project (1997-2002) which focused on competition between temperate perennial pastures and annual weeds.

In 2000, Annabel was employed by the Cooperative Research Centre for Australian Weed Management (Weeds CRC) as a communications officer (cropping systems) and then as an education officer in Wagga Wagga, NSW. During her time as an education officer, her role focused on developing and implementing multiple-use weed management resources for the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector across Australia).

In 2006 the highly successful WeedED program was recognised with a national award for excellence in innovation at the Cooperative Research Centres’ Conference. The special strength of the WeedED program was its ability to interpret the full range of the Weeds CRC research outputs and adapt these for use by the VET sector, and community and professional users outside this sector.

During 2004 and 2006, Annabel continued to worked on a part-time basis for the Weeds CRC. She was also able to provide comment on the content, design and layout for selected projects undertaken by AnDi Communications. In 2006, Annabel left the Weeds CRC to join Di and focus on projects undertaken by AnDi Communications.